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Hi! My name is Sheri Van Wert. I hope you are enjoying pursuing my Web site. On this page you will find out a little bit more information about me and how to purchase my work. If you have any questions for me, hop on over to the Contact Page and drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.


Artist's Statement

With digital SLR in hand I have set out on a journey of discovery upon paths both well worn and rarely tread upon. My photographs are the result of a wandering soul in search of a sense of solitude and peace. I am as much on an inward journey as an outward one, trying to grasp and hold a sense of the healing touch of tranquility that is often so lacking in the modern way of life.

In my imagery I am seeking out an ideal, the heaven on earth that we all long for. My journeys bring me on travels through time as well as space. Inspiration is found in artifacts of the past, as I mull over romantic views of ages that seemingly were simpler than our own.

I am venturing into the depths of the wide array of digital tools at our disposal, with the goal of creating scenes that mimic how our eyes see with their tremendous dynamic range of light, and to create scenes that we are only able to see in our dreams.

My imagery is representative of the secret garden of the soul. A safe place to be and play. I will have achieved my goal as an artist if my photography brings joy and beauty to people’s lives and spaces.

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http://www.sherivwphotography.com/ - I am also a portrait photographer.  This Web site houses my work in that special arena.

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